Take a moment to stop.
Take a moment to breathe.
Take a moment to see and hear,
Take a moment! Peace

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Writing… It is a creative form of expression that can be used as a unique way to communicate and ‘get through stuff’ and READING them also helps us get through stuff and sometimes opens new doors for better understanding.

Some writing that was written over 25 years ago still speaks to me  today..  Born a California native, I love the beach, mountains and music! Life has so much to offer that even a lifetime seems too short and  yet some days we find ourselves wishing the day would be done…. It is on those days that we are hard pressed to keep our positive disposition and encouraging ways so that we start to look for the beauty, for the good or for that certain friend to encourage us along our way. 

That is what I hope you will find here. I hope you will find that friend,  that joy, or some kind of fulfillment that will help you along your way. You’ve heard the song, ‘this is my quest, this is my song’?, well this is my quest. In my perfect imperfection of who I am; I bring you words as my gift, words that I hope will inspire, make you smile or make you cry with a sentiment of ‘hey, I can identify with that’. This may be  a place to come to get away from it all . This may be somewhere that you find that needed change you might have been looking for. You might find it in a title,  in a story, a short poem or even a piece of artwork.

I am also not here to boast or to gain recognition, only the recognition that people can come to my site and take something meaningful away with them. If a difference is being made in the lives of the people who come across these words, then my goal is accomplished.

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Peace out

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Take a moment… to stop.
Take a moment… to breathe.
Take a moment…to see… hear,
Take a moment… Peace…